ARMA — The Arma City Council discussed the 2017 budget at their regular meeting Tuesday.

Library Director Brenda Banks reported someone had attempted to break into the Library. She wanted to inform the council she may get another security camera. The council urged her to do so. She also reported the summer meal programs are going well.

The city council did a final review of the 2017 budget draft. No changes were made and the council will move forward with publishing and approving the budget.

Assistant Police Chief Gerald Wayman presented the police chief report. He told the council the police department was confident they have apprehended everyone involved with a recent burglary at Average Joe’s Bar. Wayman also requested the council’s permission to add two former part-time officers back onto the part-time roster. The council approved.

Wayman also informed the council Officer Tommy Leftwich would like to attend an interview and interrogation techniques class in Kansas City. The class costs $770 and Leftwich offered to pay half the cost if the council would pay the other half. The council decided the training would benefit the city and voted to pay the total $770.

Mayor Buddy Bualle informed the council the city now officially owns a vacant lot next to the library. Clean up on the lot will start soon. The council wants it to look nice for Arma Homecoming.