GIRARD — The Crawford County Commissioners discussed road maintenance and budgeting at their regular meeting Friday.

Account Executive John Kida from Unique Paving Materials presented the commissioners with information about Unique’s product, Ravel Check. The product is a pavement rejuvenator used to increase the life of paved roads. The county may use Ravel Check to reseal county roads that have been chip and sealed. Kida will coordinate with County Asphalt Foreman Randy Chiartano to see where the product would best work on county roads.

The commissioners are still working out tractor issues. However, they have repurposed a boom mower tractor to a pull mower and added the new tractors which were purchased recently. They currently have a tractor down with a transmission problem, and another with a fuel problem.

County Clerk Don Pyle presented the last review of his monthly clerk’s report. The commissioners asked at their previous meeting why there was an increase in pay for mental health from last month. Pyle reported that it was due to part-time workers putting in more hours due to summer programs, among other things. The commissioners voted to approve the monthly clerk’s report for June.

Pyle also reported the budget draft for 2017 is done. He will be moving it forward to County Treasurer Joe Grisolano. The commissioners should receive the draft at their next regular meeting.