GIRARD — The Girard City Council voted down an ordinance regarding golf carts and all terrain vehicles at its regular meeting Monday.

The council voted against Ordinance 1295, which would have legalized the use of golf carts, work site utility vehicles and all-terrain vehicles on city streets. The ordinance would have required drivers to be 16 years of age with a valid license, as well as requiring owners to purchase a $25 registration sticker for all vehicles they wanted to drive on the street. Both Council Member Sheldon DeLange and Kelly Peak spoke — and voted — against the passing of the ordinance. Council President Daniel Murray supported the ordinance.

The council authorized City Administrator Chris Weiner to advertise for applications for a Development Plan Steering Committee. Since the council previously approved PEC to develop a comprehensive plan for the city, it will now form a nine to 11 member steering committee. The steering committee will work separately from the governing body and the planning committee to push the project forward and make sure it is completed.

The council accepted the resignation of Public Works Crew Member Randall Crown. It also authorized Weiner to advertise for the position. The council also authorized Weiner to advertise for a seasonal golf, parks and recreation staff member position, as well as a part-time Crawford Hills clubhouse staff member position.

Weiner reported that the city’s insurance company had informed him it would not cover air ambulance costs. AirMed presented the council with a contract that would allow citizens of Girard to pay a fee on their electric bill that would cover air ambulance costs. The contract was presented at a regular meeting last month. Weiner reported that the insurance company strongly recommended that the city not enter into the contract as it is written.

The city made possible plans earlier this year to put $100,000 into resurfacing highway 47. The city believed it could receive a $300,000 match through the Kansas Department of Transportation KLINK program. Weiner reported that the state will be dissolving the KLINK program so they will not be able to receive that money. Next year, the state will offer a similar deal through a different program.