GIRARD — Girard City Administrator Chris Weiner spoke to the Crawford County Commissioners about their help with a street overlay projects in Girard at their regular meeting Friday.

Earlier this month, the commissioners offered Asphalt Foreman Randy Chiartano’s help to the city. However, Weiner said, there have been some roadblocks. He reported that PEC does not have time to perform a full inspection before weather will not permit the laying of asphalt.

Weiner said the city has not used funds from a sales tax increase which was approved by Girard residents to be used for street repairs and that some roads are in very bad condition.

“We’ve got to do something with the streets,” Weiner said. “Some of them are to the point of being unsafe.”

Weiner said he wants to overlay the worst parts of Ozark and Carbon streets before winter, as they are in the worst condition.

Commissioner Carl Wood expressed concerns the streets would not be properly repaired without engineering expertise. He recommended the city patch the worst parts of the streets and do full repairs in the spring.

Chiartano was also at the meeting and said he would help Weiner figure out what they needed to do at the start of next week. In the spring, Weiner hopes to have PEC conduct a large-scale inspection and formulate a long-term plan for all the streets in the city.

In other business, the county:

Approved a request to vacate a section of Third Street in Franklin.

Looked into purchasing a vehicle for the new emergency manager. They will look at options and discuss the issue further in the future, and:

Approved the purchase of a 2011 Ford F-150 from Evans Motors for $12,500. The vehicle will be used for the road and bridge crew.