Pittsburg City Manager Daron Hall discussed his hopes for 2017. 

What do you plan to accomplish in 2017? The opening of the Kansas Crossings Casino and Hotel, LaQuinta Inn and Suites and completing the 600 foot extension of the main runway at Pittsburg airport as well as South Rouse Road improvements. Additionally, begin Block 22 construction, and continue to support our employees to work effectively and safely for the community. We will also complete two community plans - the update for Imagine Pittsburg 2030 and a comprehensive master plan. Also, continue the effort to redevelop the mid-city renaissance area.

How do you plan to accomplish it? We will be proactive about our management of the construction projects to minimize the inconvenience to the community and maximize the efficiency of the contractors. We will continue to provide training and support to all of our employees. We will continue to work with the business and community leaders on the planning efforts.

What are the biggest obstacles the city faces? The city faces increasing costs for electricity and employee benefits, and the lack of adequate housing. We also struggle with attracting higher paying jobs and more of them.

How do you overcome the obstacles? We overcome each of these obstacles by identifying partners who share our goals of sustainability, self-reliance and growth.