Rep. Adam Lusker (D-Frontenac) shares what he hopes to accomplish for 2017 during this legislative session.

What are the biggest obstacles the state faces this year?

The biggest obstacle that the state will face this year is the hole in the state budget — this will be the number one priority and all other issues are mute until we fix it. 

How do you overcome them?

To overcome this obstacle, we need to create a sustainable tax structure through responsible, reasonable income tax.

What do you personally hope to accomplish this year?

Our goal is to create a fiscally-sound state that works for all of its citizens. I am also working with the Kansas Racing Alliance to achieve parity in gaming, which will result in the opening of four racing facilities, including Camptown Greyhound Park. This will create over 3,000 jobs and will send $60 million to the state coffers. 

How do you feel this session will be different then the last?

This session will be different from the last because there is now an atmosphere of cooperation and a willingness to restore an efficient, collaborative government.