PITTSBURG — After a job well done, Crossland Construction Company donated the proceeds from making The Lord’s Diner a better place to dine.

Crossland donated $20,000 after refurbishing the diner’s kitchen and making office space.

The Lord’s Diner Site Director Matt O’Malley said meals only cost the diner one dollar and the donation will make it possible to serve 20,000 meals.

“In four months we have fed over 15,000 meals,” O’Malley said. “The donation will give us enough food for 20,000 meals — this is a huge donation.”

O’Malley praised Crossland because, although the company services places all over Kansas, they still support a charity in a small town like Pittsburg.

The Lord’s Diner Chair of the Advisory Council Joe Dellasega was the front end of bringing the diner to town and is grateful for their hard work.

“Crossland came in and helped make this a beautiful diner, kitchen and offices,” Dellasega said.

Dellasega also praised Crossland, for their professionalism and attention to detail — ensuring a nice place to dine.

Crossland Construction Company Product Manager Jeramy Keller said Crossland likes to be part of the community and will do anything they can do to help.