PITTSBURG — A novel about addiction and the road to recovery will help folks in Pittsburg and Crawford County find their own way down that road.

Trail of a Warrior was written by Crawford County Mental Health Executive Director Rick Pfeiffer, who plans to donate 100 percent of the proceeds to Families and Children Together — a non-profit benefiting mental health and addiction treatment.

Funds will be donated to FACT through January 2020, and possibly longer if the book keeps bringing in revenue.

“We’ve got big hopes for the book,” Pfeiffer said. “We hope through word of mouth it can become a steady stream of funds for FACT.”

Trail of the Warrior tells the story of Charlie, an addict, alcoholic, veteran, volunteer, dog lover and more. The story reflects on Charlie’s past, examines what led to his addiction, as well as his journey out — largely helped by a canine friend, Rosie.

The novel is a work of fiction — one Pfeiffer describes as a fable of hope — but was inspired by real people and events.

“There are four main people or voices that lent their stories to the book,” Pfeiffer said. “I blended those together, along with some fictional people and events, to create the story.”

While the book will raise money to continues addiction and mental health services, Pfeiffer had other reasons for writing it. He said the goal of the story is to shine a light on living with addiction, as well as the road to recovery.

“Other novels that feature addiction or excessive drinking just present it as something that’s there,” he said. “This book gives a worthwhile opportunity to look at the recovery aspect and what is available out there.”

Pfeiffer said he expects the book to be easily distributed in recovery circles, but that Trail of the Warrior has the ability to speak to every person. It is a story about a dog. It is a story about people. It is a story about overcoming something.

“Trail of the Warrior really becomes a good guide for anyone trying to accomplish something,” he said.

The novel is currently available for preorder at www.trailofthewarrior.com, and hopes to be available by mid-November — in time for the holiday season. Interested folks can also follow Trail of the Warrior on social media at “Trail of the Warrior by R. H. Pfeiffer” on Facebook and @rh_pfeiffer on Twitter and Instagram.

Pfeiffer is currently taking feedback from folks who have read proofs of the novel, and making changes, as well as working on marketing strategy with a team lead by Director Heather Spaur — who took down the dictation of the novel from Pfeiffer.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at choener@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.