GIRARD — The Crawford County Commission finalized budgets last week and announced the dates for public hearings at its regular meeting Tuesday.

The commission will have public hearings for all four fire district budgets, as well as the overall 2018 county budget at 10 a.m. August 22.

County Clerk Don Pyle presented the July 2017 Clerk’s Report. The commission asked about expenses for repairs and replacements of grinder pumps in the sewer system at Crawford State Lake in Farlington.

The commission was informed that the amount of repairs are slowing down as old pumps are replaced with new ones in the system. Other than the grinder pumps, the sewer at the lake is a gravity flow system, meaning no pumps push waste through the lines. This makes the grinder pumps sometimes work harder.

This fall, once usage at the lake slows, the county plans to flush the sewer lines.

District No. 1 Road Foreman Billy Kavanagh told the commission he has had requests for expanding a concrete box culvert near the intersection of 690th and 90th streets east of Walnut.

Kavanagh has spoken to two large farm owners in the area who said they cannot cross the culvert with their equipment as it is too narrow.

Commissioner Jeff Murphy said local contractor Steve Bright estimated the work at $14,000 to widen the culvert by six feet. Murphy wanted to inform the commission before moving forward and ask if they other commissioners were okay with the project.

However, Murphy said he would like to see it widened from the current 12 feet to 20 feet. He will ask about price and gain more information before reporting back to the other commissioners.

Kavanagh also said his road crew is in need of a gravel bucket attachment for a skid steer. He said it is estimated around $2,200. The commission approved Kavanagh to get prices from different dealers and report back Friday. If the price is around $2,200, the commission plans to approve the purchase.

Pyle presented the commission with a request for a letter of support from SEK-CAP. SEK-CAP asked that the commission draft a letter of support for a coordinated transportation district, which will help SEK-CAP acquire federal funds for its transportation services.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.