PITTSBURG — The 400 block of Broadway is reopened to traffic ahead of schedule.

The block had been closed off to traffic since mid-July to allow contractors to install a water main loop as part of the Block 22 project. The block was expected to be closed through the middle of August, but opened at least a week early because of work finished ahead of schedule.

The water main loop was attached to the City of Pittsburg’s current water system, and will help maintain water pressure to all buildings tied into the line. With residents in four buildings as part of Block 22, as well workers in the Block 22 buildings and businesses along Broadway, water usage during peak times will be significantly increased.

The water main loop allows excess water to be stored and looped back so pressure is not pulled down from area businesses when usage is heavy within Block 22.

To install the main, contractors tore up sections of Broadway and dug trenches. Now the main is installed and the road has been patched and repaired.

Much work is still needed before Block 22 is finished and open for business, but the installation of the water loop was a major step toward getting utilities hooked up. Progress will continue and hopefully remain ahead of schedule.