PITTSBURG — Melodies from young voices filled the air during the final Pittsburg Idol on Saturday.

The contestants were all dressed up with hair and makeup by the Fort Scott Community College Cosmetology School. They lined up behind the curtain for their final performance for the last Pittsburg Idol.

One by one, contestant’s names were called by this year’s Master of Ceremonies Mike Lewark — who has announced the contestants since the first Pittsburg Idol — and Andra Stefanoni.

Each young singer presented their selection and the audience excitedly clapped after each contestant — some received a standing ovation.

After their performances, the judges — Dennis Jamison, Abbi Epperson, Diann Mazurek and Brian Hunt — gave constructive criticism to the young singers and applauded the young talents on their beautiful, strong and rich voices and confidence on stage.

“I was absolutely blown away by how talented some of the kids were — they sang well beyond their year,” Hunt said.  

Hunt praised the children — all between the ages of six and 17 — for their confidence to get on stage and for the hard work and practice the contestants put into their performance, he said.

Pittsburg Parks and Recreation Director Kim Vogel said the turnout was great and she looks forward to whatever new program may come in the future.

“The event went well and the so did the turnout,” she said. “The energy the contestants bring to stage this last 15 years has been great and I’m proud of the community that stood behind the event so long.”

Pittsburg Idol 2017 winners:

6-10 year old division

1st – John Lee
2nd – Marissa McDonald
3rd – Jacklyn Hall

11-13 Year old division
1st – Ella Rhuems
2nd – Alissa Hall
3rd – Joy Lee

15 – 17 year old division
1st- Cassie Hurt-McLarty
2nd – McKenna Shaw
3rd – Kortney Sills
Emcee Pick (Andra’s choice): Kiera Threlfall (15-17 year old category)
Emcee Pick (Mike’s choice): Alex Muckala (11-13 year old category)

To purchase a DVD of the performances contact the Pittsburg Parks and Recreation Department office at 620-231-8310. The cost is $26.50 per DVD plus $3 for shipping if the DVD needs mailed. 

— Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at spotter@morningsun.net or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP and Instagram @stephanie_morningsun.