PITTSBURG — Lakeside Elementary students and their families took part in numerous games, presentations and activities Thursday for the school’s third STEAM Night.

STEAM Night — science, technology, engineering, art and math — brought together Lakeside families and students and faculty from Pittsburg State University to showcase how the different disciplines can work together.

“We do two family events per year, one in the fall focused on math and one in the spring focused on literature,” Lakeside Title I Teacher and Event Coordinator Cara Oliver said. “We realized when the STEM and STEAM movements hit that the collaboration was really important, so we broadened our fall event to include the other subjects.”

STEAM Night has no formal agenda, but allows students and their families to learn about careers in the STEAM fields, play games they can reuse at home and see multiple demonstrations. Oliver said one exciting demonstration this year is a collaborative project between the PSU College of Fine Arts and College of Automotive Technology.

“They have teamed in a collaborative class and are showcasing it at STEAM Night,” she said. “It really shows how art and engineering work together.”

About 40 students and faculty from PSU’s College of Education, College of Technology, College of Fine Arts and more attended STEAM Night as activity leaders. Oliver said the event would not be possible without them.

Lakeside students from Kindergarten to fifth grade attended the event — along with their families — and aside from STEAM events, they were also served a meal and had access to the school’s book fair.

“It’s really a family-centered event to get parents and loved ones into the building,” Oliver said. “It makes them feel more involved and gives them ideas of things they can do at home to continue their student’s learning.”

Oliver also said she wanted to recognize her colleagues, Michelle Casey, Lisa Amershek and Lakeside Principal Rhonda White who make STEAM Night possible.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at choener@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.