FRONTENAC — The Frontenac City Council updated the city’s wastewater project at its regular meeting Monday.

The council approved a change order to include additional pipe-bursting work in the wastewater project. City Administrator Brad Reams said pipe bursting is a more efficient, easier way to replace old, clay pipe.

“Essentially they put a slightly smaller plastic pipe into the old clay pipes,” Reams said. “The old pipe bursts, leaving the new one installed.”

The method is a faster way to replace clay pipes and insert new ones, rather than digging up the entire pipe.

The additional work will cost around $129,000, and will be covered by the city’s current sewer project loan. The wastewater project will consist mostly of pipe replacement, but will also include manhole installation and pump station improvements.

“November 14 we will have a bid opening for the repair and replacement of a pump station on Dittman Street,” Reams said.

The council also accepted a bid for striping of Cayuga Street. The project will stripe Cayuga from McKay Street to the Joe Saia Overpass. The accepted bid came from Hipfl Construction.

Reams also discussed federal regulation changes, specifically with the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC recently eliminated a rule requiring TV and radio stations to have a local office in, or near, the communities they serve. Reams sees this as an obstacle for local government.

“I think this move will make it harder for municipal governments to get information out to the public,” Reams said. “Under the new rules, local stations could be managed from somewhere like Kansas City with no local office.”

Reams believes this will make it harder for municipal governments to get information to TV and radio stations, and get it broadcasted.

Frontenac recently unveiled a new city website along with city Facebook and Twitter accounts. Reams believes this will be an even bigger benefit with the changed FCC rules.

“I’m glad we have moved forward with social media and the website, as that gives us an additional outlet for information if we have a harder time with local coverage,” he said.

The city also launched a Youtube channel this week with videos from the Halloween parade and businesses expo. The city plans to collaborate with the Frontenac school district to get videos of community events to upload.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.