While I frequently express my distaste for winter — I hate the cold, think snow is a nuisance, and would be fine if the temperature never dipped below 60 — I do like the Christmas season.

As much as I love getting gifts, my favorite thing about Christmas is giving gifts. It’s an awesome feeling to know you found the perfect gift for someone you care about — and even better when the look on their face confirms it.

But there is one person I always have a really hard time shopping for. Honestly on most Christmases, I haven’t even gotten her a gift — as terrible as that sounds.

It’s my mother.

My mother is hard to shop for. As well as I know her, I’m never really sure what to get her. She’s the type of person who says she doesn’t need anything, and that a gift is not necessary, but I still want to get her something.

The thing that makes shopping for my mother the hardest is that she deserves a private island. So when shopping with that in mind, why even bother buying a scented candle. Nothing ever seems good enough or to fit quite right — even though I know she’d be perfectly happy with a rock from my driveway with a bow taped to it.

I’ve never feel like I found that perfect gift when it comes to her, but she always manages to get me some great stuff.

I’ll probably end up getting her something for her classroom or something to hang on the wall, or maybe even a dumb candle. I’m sure she’ll be perfectly happy with whatever I end up wrapping, but I’ll know it isn’t justice.

So whatever I end up bringing to Christmas, my mother will leave the winner as she always does, because she’ll see the look on my face I love to see so much when I give gifts to other friends and family.

Enjoy your shopping — and hopefully you’re better at shopping for your mothers than I am mine.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at choener@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.