PITTSBURG — Another Pittsburg High School student made a threat by word-of-mouth towards the school this week, the second threat since last last Wednesday, when administrators were made aware of a threat in a textbook.

According to a release, the district will increase the presence of law enforcement at the school as one of the precautions to ensure safety of their students and staff on Monday.  

Students reported the threat to their administrators, who began an investigation with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department and Pittsburg Police Department.

According to the release, the person responsible has been identified and appropriate action has been taken to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

“All threats against our students and staff are taken seriously,” Pittsburg Community Schools Superintendent Destry Brown said. “It is great that our students do not tolerate this behavior and are reporting inappropriate threats to our administration.”

In accordance with the school handbook, students who make threats will be subject to discipline up to and including suspension or expulsion, according to the release.