PITTSBURG — Signet Coffee Roasters has already settled into its new location, but owners Leah and Dennis Posterick aren’t done remodelling yet.

The Postericks began remodelling the former Steffen Michael’s Florals building on the south end of downtown Pittsburg in April. The ground floor became the new home to Signet Coffee Roasters last month. The two also made plans for the second floor to become an AirBnB, and Thursday, received a little help from Pittsburg State University students to make it happen.

A team of three PSU seniors studying interior design began work a month ago to create a floor plan and style for the upper level of Signet. Thursday they presented their designs to the Postericks.

“November 11 the girls started measuring the space, taking photos and interviewing the owners,” PSU Interior Design Professor Denise Bertoncino said. “They worked with the owners to see what they wanted, and they are free to pick and choose from the proposal.”

The students — Chelsea Oliphant, Lindsey Kearney and Madison Vincent — took on the task as part of their senior project. The three said this project was a different experience than their usual classwork.

“Normally we do classroom projects, and this was so much more broad,” Oliphant said. “We got to meet the owners and see the space.”

Kearney agreed.

“It was the first opportunity for us to get involved with the community,” she said. “When we come back we may be able to say ‘we designed that.’”

The Postericks wanted the designers to keep the history of the building in mind while choosing furniture, accents and layout. The designers used a mix of modern and traditional elements in their plan.

They also picked out a name.

“Every AirBnB has to have a name,” Vincent said. “We came up with ‘Another Time,’ because it can refer to both the past and the future.”

The Postericks both said they were very happy with the designs and excited to get started.

“I love the name,” Dennis Posterick said. “And I love the design. I think they did a good job, and it’s great to see photos and layouts of what you’ve been trying to visualize for so long.”

Leah Posterick said the two knew very soon after they bought the building that they would turn the upper level into an AirBnB, and they hope to have the remodel finished by June.

As to how they go involved with students from the university, Leah Posterick said it was because of Signet.

“We became a part of this project through the professor,” Leah Posterick said. “She happens to be a customer here.”

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at choener@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.