GIRARD — Ray Ryan of Ryan Insurance attended the regular meeting of the Crawford County Commission Tuesday to address questions and concerns about the county’s property and casualty insurance plan.

The commission recently accepted bids to renew the county property and casualty insurance plan and agreed to stay with EMC Insurance Group, but needed to choose whether to retain Ryan as the policy’s agent of record, or switch to Chris Bohrer of Wood-Dulohery Insurance, who was also vying for the position.

Commissioner Jeff Murphy had concerns about properties that he believed may be listed incorrectly or not listed on the policy, therefore not covered. His concerns included outbuildings at the road and bridge department property that were not listed, as well as the Fire District No. 2 station being listed under the Arma City Hall address.

Ryan said outbuildings within 1,000 feet of an insured building are covered by blanket insurance through EMC, according to his EMC underwriter. He also said the Fire District No. 2 station — which is shared between district two and the Arma Fire Department — receives its mail at Arma City Hall, which is why that address is listed on the policy. He said he had emails to prove these buildings were covered.

“I don’t know of any claim while I’ve handled this policy that has not been covered,” Ryan said.

Bohrer, who also attended the meeting, disagreed. He said it is important that all properties be listed on the policy, even if the mistake of them not being listed is covered by EMC’s blanket policy.

Commissioner Carl Wood said he didn’t believe Bohrer should be able to take over the policy since he did not submit a bid. Bohrer said because he looked at the policy and agreed staying with EMC was the best option for the county, he could not submit a bid with EMC, as Ryan is the current agent of record. He did however, say he would like the opportunity to handle the account as agent of record.

The commission voted 2-1 to keep Ryan as the agent of record for the policy. Murphy voted no, citing that he was unhappy with the mistakes on the policy.

Bohrer did submit a bid for cyber security insurance. He said the cyber security insurance offered by EMC is not the best option. The commission said they would like to put him into contact with County IT Director Jim Vinze to discuss a cyber security plan.

Ryan agreed that EMC’s cyber security policy was not the best option, and said he could also meet with Vinze to discuss a plan.

The commission will consider these options at a later date.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.