After much thought and many requests, the paper recently announced ‘Patrick’s People’ will return this new year.

Nikki Patrick is irreplaceable, but she lives on in spirit here through her influence on writers and the community.

Routinely, we’ve shared stories of people who do a lot for the community, but there are many people whose stories go untold. These people are generally the “behind-the-scenes” person making everything work. Of course, we also want to share these folks’ quirks too — the guy next to you in the office who also happens to have an elaborate marble collection in his garage.

We will be going about the features a little differently than she did, sharing them right on the front page once a week.

I would like to help bring these stories to light, however, I need a little help and will need nominees.

No story is too small and we all have one. For example, I have my own.

I work at this paper, which I love, but little do people know I come home to seven ferrets.

I spend at least three to four hours a day playing, grooming, feeding, training and cleaning up after them.

These little smelly mess-makers are my life.

I’ve always had a little critter as a companion, which included gerbils, hamsters, rats and bunnies. Ferrets were on my list and I eventually adopted a couple from the store and the rest is history. 

After I had a sickly ferret, I decided to begin adopting ferrets which were not in the best condition, some were left out in the snowy cold with only cat food to eat, obese and stuffed in a small cage with a second ferret and hardly ever taken out, and another which was underweight with patches of fur missing.

I try to give them the best home and care possible for as long as they lived, and for some it was only months later, but I can rest knowing they were loved and cared for.

I call them my bebops because they bop around the room in excitement — also called a war dance.  

What’s your story? Please send nominations to:

— Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP and Instagram @stephanie_morningsun.