ARMA — The Arma City Council maintained its decision to provide a 3 percent wage increase across the board to employees during its regular meeting Tuesday.

At the final meeting in 2017, the council approved a 3 percent wage increase for employees following a discussion with Police Officer Tommy Leftwich and Public Works Laborer Justin Neil about a potential increase to their wages. Both were told the council would consider their positions and return with a decision during the first meeting in January. The council stuck with their original decision.

According to City Clerk Bette Lessen, the council worked funds for a 3 percent increase into the city budget for 2018. She said the council told Neil that there simply were not funds in the budget to offer him more than the 3 percent increase, unless he obtains a water or sewer 2 classification, which entitles him to a one dollar per hour increase.

The council also told Arma Police Chief Howard Camp that Leftwich could not receive a raise, unless he was promoted to a ranked position, such as sergeant. Leftwich had also brought up the idea of paying police officers a clothing allowance, as the city does for public works employees.

The council also talked about replacement signage, but tabled the issue until the next meeting.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.