PITTSBURG — A lifetime Morning Sun subscriber Helen Pinamonti-Klinkon turned 100 Saturday.

Her eyes may not work quite like they used to, but she still opens her subscription and reads them cover to cover every day.

Aside from reading local news, her favorite part of the paper has always been the puzzles and horoscopes, which she reads daily to see what her day is going to be like.

Klinkon said the newspaper was always in her home, part of her daily life from the time she was born.

“Oh golly we used to get them even when I was at home … we always got the paper,” she said.

She said many things have changed over her lifetime, including telephones.

Klinkon worked as an AT&T telephone operator for 36 years and during her time as an operator she never missed a day of work.

Klinkon has watched the telecommunication world change over the years, from having to be plugged into a phone line to smart phones.

She said there would be three people on one line, “they would all answer,” she said laughing.

Now she has a cordless phone and she likes it.

“It’s a different world than it used to be,” she said. “It’s better now, you just dial the number.”

Klinkon was born Jan. 13, 1918 to Alec and Elizabeth Pinamonti in Frontenac. She married Joseph Klinkon in 1961 and was married for 47 years. She went to Sacred Heart School in Frontenac.

Along with working as a telephone operator she was also a homemaker. She has two stepchildren, four grandchildren and six great grandchildren. She also served on the Frontenac Homecoming Committee.

Klinkon shared memories of riding her bikes to Pittsburg with her girlfriends and playing ball in the streets.

“I’ve had a good life,” she said.

— Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at spotter@morningsun.net or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP and Instagram @stephanie_morningsun.