FRONTENAC — The Frontenac City Council was presented with a draft agreement to contract a building official professional, but tabled the matter after public comments and internal discussion.

The council was presented a draft agreement to contract with Michael Hanika as a building official professional — building inspector — for the city. Prior to the presentation, Frontenac resident and Master Electrician Sean Hall asked the council about hiring procedure.

“I own B & R Electric and Raider Mini Storage. I have four rental properties in Frontenac. I live here and my kids go to school here,” Hall said. “I want to know why I’m not getting any work in this town. Are we not taking bids for work?”

Hall said several job openings and projects had been given to applicants and workers outside of Frontenac, even though skilled, local people had shown interest. He said he would be interested in being the building official for the city, but applications were not taken.

Council Member Ethan Spurling said he made the motion at the last meeting to move forward with a drafted contract for services, but regrets that motion.

“After consideration, I think that we should send it out for applications,” Spurling said. “And I will not be voting to move forward with the contract.”

The city is working to get a building professional — or inspector — quickly. Without an inspector, it is difficult to enforce city codes for new buildings. The contract presented Tuesday included Hanika’s duties, and a provision that the city would pay for his International Code Council training. Under the contract, Hanika would reimburse the city for the costs out of his wages.

“Anyone can take that test,” Hall said. “If you want to send someone to school, send someone like me.”

The council voted to table the issue, and reimburse Hanika for the city’s half of hotel and travel costs — which were already made — to send him to ICC training in Chicago.

The council instructed City Administrator Brad Reams to send out a request for proposal for the position. The city will not hire a full-time employee. It still plans to use a private contractor for these services, which saves insurance and other costs for the city.

In other business, the council:

Swore in new Frontenac Mayor Linda Grilz, as was new Ward 3 Council Member Lynn Grant;

Adopted an anti-fraud and corruption policy, which outlines ethical and legal work standards for employees, as well as penalties for failure to keep those standards;

Adopted updated water and sewer rates. The updates mainly focused on adjustments; and:

Officially adopted the League of Kansas Municipalities Code of Procedure for how it operates meetings. The city had no record of ever adopting the LKM code or Robert’s Rules of Order.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.