GIRARD — The Crawford County Commission discussed litter at their regular meeting Tuesday.

The commission brought up concerns about trash blowing out of large trucks along U.S. Highway 69 as they head to the Oak Grove Landfill. The commission met with Oak Grove General Manager and WCA Waste Site Manager Matt Sanders to discuss the issue.

Trucks transporting waste to the landfill are required to be covered with a tarp, which keeps trash inside the trailers. The commission asked Sanders if trucks were arriving to the landfill without tarps.

“I haven’t seen a lot at the landfill not tarped, except for regular vehicles that come on the free day,” Sanders said. “I can turn them away, but if I turn them down, the trash often ends up just thrown in the ditch.”

Sanders said the cause could also be trucks leaving without re-tarping. Trucks do not always get completely empty, and after leaving could lose pieces of trash. He said he would spread the word to drivers to either completely sweep out their trailers or re-tarp when leaving.

“Other than that, your only other option is a crackdown,” Sanders said. “Your local sheriff’s department and law enforcement can write littering tickets.”

The commission will relay information to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, as well as contacting the Kansas Department of Transportation to clean up trash currently along the highway.

“I’ll get after them on my end,” Sanders said. “You do what you feel is right on your end.”

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.