PITTSBURG — From George Washington to Donald Trump, St. Mary’s Colgan Elementary students dressed up as presidents to celebrate Presidents’ Day on Thursday.

Before the big day, the students studied American history as part of their fifth grade curriculum, which includes the events leading up to the first president, George Washington.

Each student wrote a report, created a banner and artwork for the president they were assigned.

“It is fun to expand our learning to cover as many of our 45 U.S. presidents as we can,” Fifth Grade Teacher Amy Kannarr said. “This year we have 39 fifth graders, so we came close.”

In the elementary school’s common area, the “presidents” — with costumes and secret service included — went up one at a time presented facts about their time in office in front of their peers and family.

Hope Treiber was dressed as George H.W. Bush, the 41st president, she said.

Treiber said it’s “pretty cool” to learn about presidents. In her research, she said President George H.W. Bush helped establish Martin Luther King Day as a mutual holiday and found out he actually had six children, one had passed away.

Her classmate, Ethan Paulie was dressed as John Tyler, the 10th president.

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Paulie said he found out his president was the first to be president because another president — William Henry Harrison — died in office.

“They called him the ‘accidental president’,” Paulie said.

Afterward the presentation at the podium, the “presidents” were available for questions by the rest of the student body.

“I’m very proud of all the fifth graders,” Kannarr said. “It’s exciting to watch them shine at the presidential podium as they share what they have learned with other students.”