GIRARD — The Crawford County Commission gave the Crawford County Health Department the go-ahead to apply for grant money during its regular meeting Friday.

The department is set to apply for nine grants: Child Care Licensing Program, Chronic Disease Risk Reduction, Family Planning, Immunization Action Plan, Maternal and Child Health, Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Ryan White, State Formula, and Teen Pregnancy Targeted Case Management.

“State Formula, for instance, is just a grant in which they give you money and we could put that toward anything to help improve the public health needs of the county,” County Health Officer Rebecca Adamson said. “We can use that for nursing or anything else that we think is necessary to help improve public health.”

Some grants, such as HIV Prevention and Disease Intervention, will not be applied for, as no county applies for all of the available grants.

“It just depends on the needs of the county, the size of the county, things like that,” Adamson said. “These are the grants that we’ve been applying for each year for many years.”

With the new grant year beginning July 1, Adamson said she does not expect to know how much money the health department will receive from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment until early June.

The amount of money the department applies for is always preliminary, for the amount that it actually receives is rarely the same.

“I can’t even remember the last time we received exactly what we requested,” Adamson said. “But these are the grants we’ve always applied for and we don’t expect many big changes.”

 — Brandon Schmitz is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be reached at