PITTSBURG — Many people call after school activities “one of the greatest at-risk programs,” at schools.

Following spring break, Pittsburg Community Middle School will be expanding its after school activities.

PCMS Assistant Principal and Activities Director Chris King said one of the main goals of starting the new “clubs” are connecting students to the school. For some students, being connected may might just be a teacher who they like, but for others it may be an activity they can enjoy with others, King said.

“One thing we that have seen is that we have a gap of students that need something to do to get them connected … PCMS wants all kids to be connected to the school in some way,” King said.

Providing extra programs to meet those students needs will not only give them something to do, but will also expand their knowledge on their hobbies by supporting curriculum.

King said students at all grade levels took a survey with 19 different activities listed and a section for write-ins.

The top selections from all three grade levels overall were Outdoors Club, Gamers Club, Cooking Club and Art Club.

In the outdoors club the students and their advisor would follow a wildlife curriculum. The student can fish, learn about camping, archery and more. King said the curriculum will give the club an educational approach to these things, including resources.

Currently there’s already an informal group of students of about 60 who play various games with each other. The official Gamers Club will bring more school-appropriate games which the students may have never tried. These include board games, cards and video games. The students will be able to socialize with others and there will be opportunities to learn about how the games are made and possible career choices involving games.

The Cooking Club will give students an opportunity to make all sorts of meals and treats, along with providing them with budgeting and healthy lifestyle tips, King said.

The art club will give students allow students to participate in creating murals, learn from architects and career options, King said.

An announcement at the school will inform the students about when and where the activity is and how to sign up, King said.

— Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at spotter@morningsun.net or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP and Instagram @stephanie_morningsun.