PITTSBURG — The Pittsburg State University Wind Ensemble will perform its fourth concert of the year this week.

Titled “Moodscapes,” the concert will begin at 7:30 Thursday at the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts at 1711 South Homer St. It will feature Joanne Britz on solo clarinet, as well as members of the PSU choirs, in a program of new music and wind band classics under the direction of Andrew Chybowski. Admission is free.

Chybowski said this concert is unique in that the Wind Ensemble will collaborate with members from separate areas of the school’s music department, including the aforementioned Professor Britz and choir singers.

“It is not unusual for a group like ours to have soloists, but this is my first year at PSU and one of the things I realized when I first got here is that all of the people in the music department were really willing to work together,” he said. “I just thought I’d take advantage of that for this particular concert.”

The director praised the music department faculty for going the extra mile throughout the rehearsal process.

“We were working with some of our choir members, and Susan Marchant, our choir director, in addition to preparing her own music, worked on this piece for the band to make sure the choir was prepared by the time they first came and sang with us,” Chybowski said. “So she took some of her valuable time and poured actively into this concert.”

Additionally, Britz attended virtually every rehearsal while fulfilling her duties as a professor.

“I think that’s just part of the culture here,” Chybowski said. “Since this is my first year, this was one of the things I was the most pleasantly surprised by — how willing they are to help out with other things besides their job.”

Given the concert’s inclusion of both new music and standard classics, Chybowski said the event has something for everyone to appreciate.

“Everyone is welcome even if they have never been to a concert before,” he said. “I think this one especially would be a good concert to see if you have never seen us before because it’s a very audience-friendly concert.”

 — Brandon Schmitz is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be reached at bschmitz@morningsun.net.