PITTSBURG — Hundreds of Pittsburg State University students will fan out across the city this weekend to volunteer for the Big Event at homes and organizations that could use some help.

Sponsored by the Student Government Association and local businesses, the Big Event is a way for students to give back to the Pittsburg community. Although PSU has hosted its event for 15 years, it is part of a national effort on college campuses that began in 1982.

According to Director Shelby Bicknell, approximately 680 students will go out to serve more than 90 residents Saturday. The students will perform exterior household chores such as raking leaves and cleaning windows, gutters, and flowerbeds.

Bicknell said she is excited to see all of the students’ hard work pay off.

“I love the feedback we get from the residents because they always say nice things like ‘this is such a blessing to the community,’” she said. “It’s really awesome that we can do something so simple for them and just make their day.”

Bicknell has served as director for about a year.

“I was a committee member last year and a volunteer the year before that,” she said. “Ever since I saw the event, I knew I wanted to put it on one day.”

The director said she appreciates the sense of teamwork that naturally stems from an event such as this.

“I think it makes the experience something completely different compared to a situation where it’s just you going out alone to do these things for the residents,” Bicknell said. “It is one of the best PSU traditions we have because I feel like it shows the values of PSU.”

— Brandon Schmitz is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be reached at bschmitz@morningsun.net.