PITTSBURG — DuReece Porr will celebrate her 103rd birthday on Tuesday.

What makes DuReece stand out among the rest is her handwriting.

She sends her ballot for The Morning Sun’s Readers Choice “The Best of the Best” in cursive.

For young people, particularly under the age of 15, that is swirly writing that is generally used when signing a document.

When DuReece was young, she had to practice handwriting, something that is completely extracurricular in most schools now.

“It was the same as any other class time,” DuReece said. “I hate to see that go, there won’t be pretty writing anymore.” “

Another handwriting skill she was taught is shorthand — people who have never learned shorthand may see it only as a bunch of marks on a paper.

“I was never really proud of how it turned out,” she said.

Her writing skills weren’t just superficial. DuReece wrote poetry, one of her pieces was about the “Spooklight.” She also made special notes on birthday cards.

With a paintbrush in hand she made oil paintings and drawings.

She was also in the China Painting Club where she drew intricate flowers on handmade china.

About DuReece Porr

DuReece moved to Pittsburg in 1947 when her husband Wyeth was transferred from Liberal, Kansas, to manage the FW Woolworth store.

She raised three children, Gail Vacca, Wyona Porr, M.D., and Pamela Beer

She has three grandchildren and six great grandchildren. She is active in Chicopee Foundation, Franklin Miners Museum and Pittsburg Methodist Church.

— Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at spotter@morningsun.net or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP and Instagram @stephanie_morningsun.