GIRARD — Greenbush will partner with SSI Guardian to conduct a course about remaining safe in an active shooter situation.

Titled Stop the Threat, this four-hour training session will begin at 9 a.m. May 1 at Greenbush at 947 West 47 Highway. Admission is free for anyone in a decision-making or safety role at schools, government, libraries, churches, hospitals, or non-profit organizations. Lunch is included, groups are encouraged to attend, and registration is required. 

Stop the Threat will be delivered by SSI Guardian Instructors Todd Evans and Peggy Mitchell Clarke, representing the institutional safety and mental health arenas, respectively.

“Our thinking is we might be able to partner with the school district,” Director of Business Relations Tina Smith said. “Everybody has a responsibility to learn more about safety.”

Smith said Stop the Threat differs from the usual active shooter training course in that it weaves in the social and emotional aspect of the issue.

“We’re actually talking about the reasons these things are happening and if you look at the things that have happened recently in schools, often times there’s some type of issue like bullying,” she said. “So the people who are committing these acts are struggling from an emotional standpoint.”

Smith said Greenbush invited several community leaders to the course.

“We invited Crawford County Sheriff’s Department because we believe there will be some great input from that perspective,” she said. “Ideally, it’s about getting the right people from the districts or organizations so they can go back to their schools and determine whether this is something they want to bring into their schools.” 

Smith emphasized the need to create an inclusive environment, remove barriers and be in tune with others.

“We all have a responsibility to do everything we can to keep our community safe and our kids safe in school,” she said. “We have a responsibility to consider all aspects of why tragic things happen and really think beyond the traditional things we think about like locking doors.”

 — Brandon Schmitz is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be reached at