ARMA — The Arma City Council revisited an issue concerning the use of certain city equipment during its regular meeting this week.

The issue was first put forward during the April 23 meeting, in which the council received paperwork about a policy that had been approved in 2008.

“The governing body at that time determined that, while dealing with regulations, employees could use city equipment on their time,” City Clerk Bette Lessen said in an interview Tuesday. “They employee would not be using the equipment to make money, but rather for personal use in their home.”

Such city equipment includes backhoes, skid loaders, and bucket trucks.

“As such, the council had that in front of them, as well as (councilwoman) Mary Lou Peace, who had provided a state statute dealing with employees being allowed to use any equipment,” Lessen said. “This paper specifically mentioned things like railroad equipment, planes, and boats, but nonetheless, they decided the best thing to do would be to spend more time looking into the matter.

“As it stands, though, the city attorney sent an email out to all employees,” Lessen said. “They were all made aware that no employee will be allowed at this point to use any kind of city equipment until this issue is resolved.”

Given the arrival of this second policy, the issue was postponed and will be discussed further during the May 21 meeting.

 — Brandon Schmitz is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be reached at