PITTSBURG — A video purporting to show a young, mentally disabled Parsons man being assaulted at Schlanger Park in Pittsburg has resulted in at least one arrest.

A Pittsburg juvenile has been arrested on charges of aggravated battery in connection with the incident which allegedly occurred over the weekend.

The video, which spread on social media, shows the alleged victim covering his head as he is slapped, and then choked unconscious by the suspect.

Sources tell the Morning Sun that the 19 year-old alleged victim has aged out of the Kansas foster care system.

The video spurred at least six complaints to the Pittsburg Police Department. The incident happened Friday, May 18th.

Pittsburg City Manager Daron Hall, has released the following statement.

“The City of Pittsburg Police Department received a complaint Monday, May 21, at 5:30 p.m., regarding a disturbing video circulating on social media,” Hall said. “I want to thank the concerned citizens who alerted us to the video and brought it to the attention of law enforcement.

“With the help of the community, the police department quickly identified both the victim and the suspect, and launched a formal investigation.”

Hall also stressed that the incident personally upset him, and that PPD is taking the matter seriously.

“As a parent, I was shocked and sickened by the segment of the video I watched,” Hall said. “As your City Manager, I want to ensure you that we take this matter seriously, and I want our community members to know that this kind of violence and bullying will not be tolerated. I have full confidence that this incident will be handled appropriately by our law enforcement and judicial system.”

The complaint forwarded to prosecutors by PPD recommends charges of aggravated battery, according to the PPD incident report.

According to the police report gang activity is not suspected in the alleged incident, nor were drugs a factor in the attack.

Crawford County Attorney Michael Gayoso said he expects to file formal charges shortly.

The incident remains under investigation.

— Keesha Hervey is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at khervey@morningsun.net