PITTSBURG — When former Pittsburg resident Shari Redd returned to Mt. Olive Cemetery to pay respects to her late father this week, she said the mausoleum was in worse shape than when she had visited the previous year.

“To me, this is a historical marker of Pittsburg, but I’ve let the city know the roof is leaking and that there are plaster and water stains throughout,” Redd said. “This place is beautiful to me and it wasn’t like this when we put my dad here.”

Redd said she has made an effort to contact the city about the building’s deterioration once a year for the past several years.

“As a Pittsburg native and with this building being something that’s been here for years and years, it sure would be nice for the city to keep something like this,” she said.

Parks and Recreation Director Kim Vogel maintained the department is working to make the necessary repairs.

“It’s certainly an important facility for us, so we do want the families to know we have been working on it and that their requests have not fallen on deaf ears,” Vogel said. “We’ve spent a significant amount of time looking at the facility.”

The director said the department spent much of last year getting estimates and reports back, as well as completing the full report on what to do with the building.

“That has been completed and now it’s a matter of figuring out which parts need to get done first to protect the integrity of the inside of the facility, as opposed to which are just cosmetic,” Vogel said. “What will keep the water out as opposed to what will just make it look nicer?”

She said she has been in contact with facility maintenance about the issue.

“The staff that has had to make repairs every year has had concerns, too, because we try to repair the plaster every year, but if there’s water coming through, that’s just going to fall,” Vogel said. “The moisture inside the facility is the problem and we certainly want to respect the facility’s integrity and make sure work gets done.”

According to Vogel, repairs would cost between about $318,000 to $344,000.

“We’re talking about a major project and that’s why in the course of a year for when someone called last year — these projects take time,” she said. “If this were a $20,000 project, then there would be some flexibility, but this is a major one and major projects take more time.”

 — Brandon Schmitz is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be reached at bschmitz@morningsun.net.