PITTSBURG — Students from all over the world traveled to Pittsburg State University recently to learn a skill that few universities worldwide offer. PSU is one of the few places in the world that still teaches lost wax casting, an age old traditional way of creating metal casts.

The lost wax method, used for centuries to create art, tools and other objects is now branching into many industries.

Representatives from several areas, including the medical and aerospace industry, were on hand to learn from PSU instructor Russell Rosmait.

“This method has a lot of industrial applications,” Rosmait said. “We are one of the few places in the world that representatives from those industries can come and see how it’s done.”

Rosmait said that PSU has been offering the program for over 18 years, allowing people from all over the world to come and learn.

“We have people from Italy, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Singapour and Canada in this class, as well as people from all over the US,” said Rosmait.

Dermot Keogh, from Cork Ireland, said he made the trip to Kansas to be able to better understand the process as a whole.

“Our company has a large foundry, so we don’t get to see each step. You get pigeonholed into one area,” Keogh said. “Here we are able to experience the entire process. It’s very important to new engineers.”

Student Megan Marler, said the reason to travel to PSU from Seattle was simple:

“(It’s) the best program you can find.” Marler said.

She also stressed that it’s not just learning how to do casting, but how PSU chooses to teach it.

“The combination of hands-on work, and lectures really makes a difference.” Marler said.

According to Rosmait, people don’t have to look far to see the uses of this casting style. Many examples are on view throughout the campus.

“The statues around the campus are done with this method,” said Rosmait.