PITTSBURG — Farmers have been looking to the fields lately, and according to Crawford County Extension Agent Josh Coaltrain, they should be.

“Wheat is almost ready to harvest,” Coaltrain said, “I was in a field today that should be ready to go any day.”

According to Coaltrain a unseasonably cold April, and a warmer than normal May, combined to get the wheat crop ready in early June.

“We had a clash between a cold April and a warm May, and May won,” he said.

The warmer month allowed the wheat to grow well, and the cooler temperatures of April kept diseases at bay.

“We avoided most of our disease issues this year,” Coaltrain said. “We had a little bit of rust, the scab came in late in the season, so it wasn’t much of an issue.”

While the wheat farmers are hoping for the rain to hold off for harvest, the corn farmers have their fingers crossed for more rain.

“The corn is growing rapidly. We hope we keep the moisture coming for that crop.” Coaltrain said.

The corn crop might be getting that needed rain. According to National Weather Service Meteorologist, Jason Schaumann, our area should get it’s fair share of precipitation.

“The prediction is sitting about equal for either at- or above-normal precipitation.” Schaumann said.

He also has good news for the temperatures for June, July, and August with temperatures staying in the normal range for our area.

“It’s sitting right on the dividing line for being slightly warmer, and slightly cooler. So generally an average summer.” Schaumann said.

All in all Coaltrain is happy with the state of crops in the area.

“The spring crops are looking great.” he said.