FRONTENAC — The City of Frontenac announced Tuesday that longtime member A.J. Menghini will retire and be replaced by David Hogard. Menghini has served on the council for nine years.

“A. J. Menghini has provided the city with leadership from his position on the city council. His voice will be missed,” Frontenac City Administrator, Brad Reams said. “The governing body is very happy to have the opportunity to replace a valuable member of the city council with an individual who truly cares about this community.

“David Hogard brings a wealth of public service experience to his role as a city council member and the aptitude necessary to assist in determining Frontenac’s future.”

According to the release Hogard is a lifelong resident of Frontenac, as well as a longtime employee at Pittsburg State University.

Mayor Linda Grilz said she is happy to have someone with Hogard’s experience join the council.

“We are proud of David’s proven contribution, and excited for him to share his expertise with The City of Frontenac,” Grilz said.

Frontenac City Councilman Ethan Spurling agreed.

“Hogard will make a great addition to the council. His professional background will lend itself well to the position,” Spurling said. “His positive attitude and strong desire to make our community the best that it can be is also encouraging. I’m looking forward to serving with him.”