SIKESTON, Mo. — An Arkansas man has been convicted of second degree murder in the 2016 death of Pittsburg Resident Larry Weaver.

Ronnie Carl Robinson Sr., of Little Rock, Arkansas, was found guilty of second degree murder, first degree robbery, kidnapping and first degree tampering.

Weaver's widow, Regina Weaver said she was thankful to the jury.

"I am grateful that justice was served for this heinous act by these three criminals," she said. "They have no regard for another human life. I have no understanding of such sick minds.

"I mainly feel relief that the trial is over and an abundance of appreciation for the individuals who worked so diligently on this tragic case for two years. The prosecutor was phenomenal. So many outstanding people were there to help and give support.

She said the jurors were also in her thoughts.

"My heart goes out to the 12 jurors who were selected," Regina Weaver said. "They had a difficult and uncomfortable role to play and they were awesome."

The charges stem from a June 27, 2016 incident, as Randy Weaver was on a motorcycle ride with friends.

On July 2, 2016, Weaver’s body was found in a cotton field seven miles from where the Days Inn where he was staying in Sikeston, Missouri. Weaver was going to continue on to Pittsburg after staying the night at the hotel, but he never arrived.

Surveillance video showed a Chevy Avalanche pull into the hotel with an empty trailer at 2:40 a.m the night Weaver checked in to the hotel. The SUV sped off 14 minutes later with what appeared to be Weaver’s 2013 Harley Davidson on the trailer.

The Chevy Avalanche, registered to Elsie Coleman-Hamilton, was identified a few days later.

During a preliminary hearing, a cellmate of Robinson, Durrell Waters, testified about his conversation with Robinson in regards to the murder. 

“He told me they were riding around looking for a lick,” Waters said, explaining Robinson and his companions were looking for something to steal.

Waters said Robinson said Weaver climbed onto the truck and banged on the window.

According to Waters, Robinson said “a brother was holding (Weaver) down while (Robinson) was hitting him.”

According to the probable cause affidavit, Larenzle Coleman told investigators while him, his wife, Elsie Coleman-Hamilton, and Robinson loaded the motorcycle onto the trailer, Weaver came out of the hotel room and jumped on the trailer to prevent them from leaving.

Coleman said Robinson drove off and Weaver climbed into the truck bed and began hitting the glass and telling them to stop. They stopped on a dirt road, Coleman told investigators, and Ronnie and Weaver began to fight.

Robinson subdued Weaver, tied him up and dragged him into a cotton field, Coleman said.

According to an autopsy by Dr. Russell Deidiker, Weaver died from a combination of loss of blood from a head injury, the way he was tied up and exposure.

The affidavit said the suspects tried to sell the motorcycle to a man in Howardsville, Missouri.

Coleman and Coleman-Hamilton are still awaiting trial. Robinson is scheduled for sentencing on Sept. 6.