PITTSBURG — Back to school is here, and area teachers and students are ready. As students and teachers streamed into classrooms this morning they said they were excited for the new year.

Pittsburg High School’s first day had some unique challenges as construction is still ongoing as part of the recent bond issue. Students were told to enter the south entrance which was across from the main parking lot. The changes did not seem to dampen the spirits of the students or staff, however.

Pittsburg High School Assistant principal Kelynn Heardt said she had been waiting for this day.

“I’m excited because the kids are finally here!” Heardt said with a smile.

Tanner Morey, an elementary student at Frank Layden Elementary said he was very happy about school starting again, and was especially excited about spelling. His mother, Kelly, was less so saying she enjoyed having her son home for the summer.

“I’m happy for him, but I’m going to miss him,” she said. “I am excited to see what he learns this year and how he grows.”

Mrs. Julie Curran, a 23 year veteran of teaching at Frontenac said meeting the new children every year makes the first day of school very special for her.

“I get to meet such wonderful students every year, which is always a wonderful experience,” she said. “The best part of the first day is always seeing those excited faces, and getting to know them.”

Kindergarten teachers Angela Espinoza and Sarah Vanderpool smiled and said nearly in unison when asked about the best part of school returning, “We get to meet our new kindergarten friends!”

Schools from around Crawford County will begin classes over the next week. Watch for more coverage from the events surrounding back to school in later editions of The Morning Sun.