FRONTENAC — Most Frontenac residents think of the city park as being located near the city pool. However, Mayor Linda Grilz and City Administrator Brad Reams are working to change that with some help from the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

The Frontenac City Park is actually a nature-filled expanse with several fishing areas at the end of Cherokee Street, one Grilz said is an untapped resource for here community.

“This park has been a gem for the town for a long time,” Grilz said. “However, it wasn’t until we started having the land cleaned up for homecoming that we realized what a great opportunity it would be for our residents to enjoy nature if we could get it more accessible to them.”

The park usually struggles with high grass and difficulty moving between the various fishing areas. Although the ponds are stocked yearly as part of a program with the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, previously there was no plan for upkeep of trails to various ponds.

That problem was solved last week when Reams announced the city has received a grant from the Department of Wildlife and Parks for new fishing access trails.

“Right now we have high grass near the ponds, so it makes it difficult for mobility and enjoyment for our citizens,” Reams said. “We are very happy that the grant will allow us to offer our residents an easier, safer way to enjoy the park.”

Grilz agrees and said she hopes improvements will encourage more family togetherness.

“When I saw all those families out there at the homecoming fishing derby enjoying this peaceful place full of nature just minutes away from downtown, I knew we should do whatever we could to make it more accessible,” Grilz said.

Grilz said the city park is not just a prime spot for fishing but also jogging, riding bikes, or just taking a peaceful walk in nature.

The city has further plans for the park with Grilz wanting to offer electricity, more shelters and grills for residents to use. They will also be adding a fish feeder.

According to Grilz the park is available for use for events, residents just need to contact the city.

“We want this place to be where people can connect and enjoy the quiet of nature,” Grilz said.