WEIR — Weir is usually a sleepy little town. However, this weekend it will be anything but quiet as it welcomes the 84th annual Weir Homecoming. The theme this year is “Celebrating Our Hometown Heroes.”

A fitting theme for a town so willing to help each other, said long time volunteer and organizer Milt Alexander.

“We have a lot of people in Weir who help each other,” Alexander said. “We got a new library last year that a lot of people worked for, we have volunteer fireman, a lot of church organizations, people just help each other here.”

The friendly people from childhood memories are one of the reasons Patty Tavernaro moved to the area in the early 1980s. She’s been helping with Weir Homecoming for over a decade, and said it’s a tradition that extends to her childhood.

“It’s a tradition from me that started with my father who was from Weir,” Tavernaro said. “I grew up in Wichita, but we would come to Weir every year for homecoming.”

Tavernaro said she now gets to watch her grandchildren enjoy homecoming.

“My favorite part is watching all the kids,” she said. “This year since it’s a election year they should get a lot of candy at the parade, which always makes them happy.”

Weir Mayor Taylor Gravett in a written statement said he enjoys watching all the people come together to celebrate.

“Once a year, people from all over can come together and celebrate the history of Weir while also catching up and visiting with old and new friends,” Gravett said.

Aside from getting together with those they love volunteers say one big draw for everyone, not just those from Weir, is the food.

Weir homecoming boasts several food based events. Homecoming kicks off Friday at 4 p.m. with a pie baking contest and continues at 5 p.m. with a free chili and bean feed at Weir City Park.

The homecoming weekend also includes a cake walk, food vendors, breakfast events, homemade chicken and noodles at the Weir Senior Citizen Center, and a pie eating contest.

Alexander said the bean and chilli feed is one of his favorite parts of homecoming.

“I enjoy the bean feed we have on Friday night,” he said. We cook 100 pounds of hamburger and 30 cans of beans in a 50 gallon pot.

“Takes all day to cook it and we always have a big crowd, in an hour it’s all gone”

Pie is playing a special role in a new event at homecoming this year. According to Tavernaro jars were placed at the bank for donations with members of the city council and the mayors names on them. Whoever’s jar raised the most funds would get a pie in the face. Tavernaro said currently the mayor is well in the lead.

Homecoming will also have several events that are not food related including the parade which starts at 11 a.m. on Main Street, a car show, and a 3k Poker Walk.

Weir Homecoming is sponsored by the Weir Civic Center. For more information on Weir Homecoming, a full schedule, or the rules for any event visit facebook and search for Weir Civic Center.