FRONTENAC — Sometimes an idea is so good that it grows wings and takes off before the owner of it even realizes it. That’s what happened to Jayme Mjelde and her new business Bee Humble Sign Company.

The new sign company is located at 208 E. McKay in Frontenac and specializes in helping people create quality decorative wood signs for their home and businesses.

Mjelde — who is a Pittsburg State University commercial graphics graduate — said she liked the idea of some of the other “paint your own sign” companies, but wanted to create something of higher quality and uniqueness. When she mentioned her ideas to her friends she found people were eager to participate. So eager in fact, that it took only two weeks for her to take her idea and grow it into a full business.

“People at first thought it would be difficult to create their own sign, but it’s really not, we make it very easy,” Mjelde said. “My three-year-old can follow the steps and create a great sign, so it really is something anyone can do, you don’t need to be crafty.”

Bee Humble Sign Company offers weekly sign creation classes, and children’s parties, as well as other private events like bachelorette or fundraising parties. Mjelde said she likes to keep classes under 20 people so she and her team can give each customer one-on-one attention if they need it. Participants can pick out any of Bee Humble’s designs, or request a custom design.

Mjelde is a breast cancer survivor, mother of two young boys and the co-owner of Frontenac Bakery. She said following her battle with breast cancer her outlook on life changed, and she was no longer willing to wait to do things that mattered to her.

“I’ve wanted to do something creative like this for a long time,” Mjelde said. “After my breast cancer, my outlook on life changed and I want to go after the things that are important to me.

“When you go through that you realize quickly what actually matters in life, I don’t hold back anymore.”

Mjelde’s willingness to take the leap and open the business has not gone unrewarded. In just a few short weeks her bookings have taken off. She has already had her first class, and private parties and has already booked several additional private parties. Her company will soon be welcoming the PSU dance team and recently hosted a party for the significant others of the PSU football coaches.

Mjelde said she’s had a lot of support from her family, friends and the Frontenac community.

“My dad makes the frames for me and Darci Spear has been a huge help,” Mjelde said. “Frontenac has been so good too, it just seems like when you are from here if you want to do something the town will just open its arms and support you.”

Mjelde said she is excited to add more to her business. She is looking to source as many of her materials locally as possible, and work with other local businesses. Currently people can purchase ready made signs at Ol’ Yale Farm’s General Store. Mjelde has also donated a sign and gift certificate to be part of Mario’s Market at Festa Italiana.

The prices to create a personalized sign at one of Bee Humble’s parties start at $25 for regular signs and $40 for large ones. Mjelde encourages people to book at least two weeks in advance, if not sooner to insure participants get the date they want.

“I now understand why people say when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work,” Mjelde said. “This gives me a creative outlet that I really love doing.

for more information on Bee Humble Sign Company can be found on their facebook at