The Crawford County Commission meeting on Friday was full of talk of roadwork and future events.

Chris Moore, a local resident who lives on West 630th Street, came to the county to discuss the chip and seal work done on his road. He questioned the need for the chip and seal since his road was asphalt and in fairly decent repair.

Commissioner Jeff Murphy explained that the chip and seal was done as a way to extend the life of the asphalt, and was done in large sections. While Moore’s area was okay some parts of the road were not. Murphy said while he knows the chip and seal is a little dusty at first, it should settle soon.

Commissioner Tom Moody suggested having the road foreman check to ensure the chip and seal is packing down properly. Commissioner Murphy agreed that it would be helpful.

Commissioner Carl Wood announced, and requested the newspaper note for the public, that Langdon Lane will be undergoing road work the first week of October. Wood said that 3,000 cars a day use Langdon Lane. Murphy asked if the road traffic was up due to the casino. Wood said he was not sure but thought it had increased following the casino’s opening.

County Clerk Don Pyle informed the commission he had received a letter from the Division of Property Valuation for the state of Kansas. He reported that the county appraiser's office was in compliance.

Pyle updated the council on the upcoming plans for the November election. One change from previous years is a new early voting location at Pittsburg State University. Wood and Moody questioned the addition, to which Pyle said it was requested by PSU staff members. Pyle said he will be sending a press release out to the media soon with the details on all the voting options for the upcoming election.

Pyle also brought to the commissioners attention a request from Derfelt Funeral Home for the county to reimburse the funeral home for the upcoming cremation of the resident who passed away with no family or next of kin. Murphy moved to go forward with the cremation and requested reimbursement, Woods seconded and Moody agreed.

The commission also moved a work session from 8 to 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 25 for the proposed expansion of Mulberry Limestone so that Murphy would be able to attend. They also agreed to have Ag. Engineering come to the September 25 meeting to present their findings in regards to the impact of the Silverback Housing Addition on stormwater runoff in county areas.