PITTSBURG — A family home received significant smoke and electrical damage after a structure fire on Tuesday.

According to a release, at approximately 6:47 p.m. on Tuesday, the Pittsburg Fire Department responded to a fire at 722 East 11th Street in Pittsburg.

The home was evacuated while firefighters were en route and upon arrival, fire crews observed heavy smoking coming from the attic area in the back of the structure.

The fire crews made contact with the tenant after the fire was under control and according to the release the tenant reported he was playing with his children when the upstairs smoke detector alerted him to the fire. He found the second story filled with thick, black smoke and proceeded to evacuate his family.

According to the release, firefighters entered through the front door and proceeded to extinguish the fire. A second crew climbed a ladder to the roof in the back of the house and cut a hole in the gable end to access the attic. The interior crew gained access to the attic through a closet in the upstairs bedroom and extinguished the fire.

The fire was primarily contained in the attic and the second story of the house, the release said. The home sustained significant smoke damage, extensive electrical damage, minor structural damage, and minor water damage to the first floor and basement.

The fire department also made contact with the owner of the residence and according to the release, the property owner advised the fire department there had been no problems with the electrical system prior to the fire. Upon further investigation, fire crews found a tripped breaker.
No civilian or firefighter injuries have been reported. The cause of the fire is undetermined and remains under investigation. The fire department notified Red Cross to assist the family.
The Pittsburg Fire Department reminds all citizens that working smoke detectors can save lives. Residents should maintain working smoke detectors and implement a home evacuation plan. Smoke alarms can provide early notification when seconds count. The Pittsburg Fire Department provides smoke detectors at no cost for homeowners. For more information, call the fire department at 620-231-1870.