The council approved the Appropriation Ordinance #1727, which covers bills and payroll for the City of Frontenac.
The council made a motion to affirm the acquisition of Real Estate, which the city plans to explore commercial opportunities with the purchase of the land on Atkinson/East 570th.
Vocal citizens came to the board meeting to ask the council about the city’s debt. The board provided a paper with the city’s total indebtedness for concerned citizen Mick Bulot. As of Jan. 1, 2018, the city’s indebted total is approximately $3.6 million. Citizens were also concerned about the Frontenac Housing Authority. They were worried water and sewer rates will increase their rent. Council members responded to their concerns and said the housing groups, Somerset Village Apartments, Oakview Estates and the Frontenac Housing Authority are not paying the minimum amount for water. Ordinance 2018-01 will ensure that they pay the minimum of approximately $42. The housing is subsidized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and so long as the residents file the new price in their HUD paperwork, then the rent should not be increased and HUD will subsidize the increase, the council said. Citizens also inquired about cleaning up the Camptown Greyhound Park in Frontenac.The council approved a motion to send a letter to the owner to start the “clean up process.”
The council approved for the purchase of a new lift station pump for Cow Creek.
City Administrator Brad Reams reported on the Regional Wastewater Study Contract with Earles Engineering. During a meeting with city officials from Crawford County and the Crawford County Commissioners in September, Girard and Mulberry officials said they will not be part of the study, Reams said. In addition, the price of the study has also increased. The City of Frontenac plans to continue the discussion at a later date after taking a look at options with Earles Engineering.