PITTSBURG — If you peeked into St. Mary’s Elementary School on Thursday morning expecting the normal plaid-clad comings and goings of the third grade class, you might be surprised by what you’d find: a foyer full of little saints.

That was the scene at the annual Wax Museum presentation by St. Mary’s third grade class for All Saints’ Day. From a camel-skin-clothed Saint John the Baptist to Saint Joan of Arc and her shield, third grade students donned the dress of their saints to share a little of their histories with fellow students.

Third Grade Teacher Whitney Clawson said the Wax Museum is the culmination of a month of hard work.

“It’s a month-long project,” she said. “Students get to choose their saints and from there they research into the saint’s history, write a paper, then memorize five facts to share at the Wax Museum.”

Myriad factors played into students’ decisions. For some, it was personal: “I chose Saint Sarah because I was named after her,” one student said. For others, it reflected their admiration. “Saint Teresa of Calcutta did a lot for the poor and needy and I really like that,” another little saint said.

“In third grade, we really try to start diving into it,” Clawson said, taking in the scene. “As Catholics, we believe the saints are in heaven and that we can look to them as role models and everyday heroes.”

Parents and teachers were encouraged by the time and gusto the children put into the project, but, as several parents put it, one thing just couldn’t be ignored: “They’re just so cute!”