PITTSBURG — Pittsburg Community Middle School Theatre will present an evening of one acts.
Over 50 PCMS Theatre students will perform at 7 p.m. on Thursday at Memorial Auditorium. 

The three acts are “Wishful Thinking,” by Kenneth R. Preuss, “Boxes,” by Kendra Thomas and “Complaint Department and Lemonade,” by Kamron Klitgaar.

“Wishful Thinking” takes place in a present-day high school. The teacher is out for the day, replaced by a substitute. The lesson left behind for the sub was to review the story “The Monkey’s Paw.” The students find a rabbit’s foot key ring near the substitute’s belongings and try make wishes like in the “Monkey’s Paw” story.

A wish for a “cool” substitute may have been a bit different than what they were expecting.

The play “Boxes” is more serious than the first act. “Boxes” is a show which the students could relate to because it portrays how students have to deal with an abundance of expectations, PCMS Theatre Director Kimberly Arzoian said. When the children reach a certain age they are given a box, which can be filled by others — their expectations.
“Last year when I asked the kids what they would be interested in doing, they wanted to do something serious, something not fairytale-like,” she said. “They wanted something that could exist in our universe.”

“Complaint Department and Lemonade” is more on the comical side of things.
“The script is comical with influences from great British comedians and skits,” Arzoian said.

The actors are ready to hit the stage, they said.
Will Williams, cast as Neddie in “Boxes,” said the best part of being in theatre is getting on stage to perform in front of the audience.

Ashleigh Henderson, cast as Blair in “Boxes,” agreed.
“Personally, for me, I just enjoy the experience overall and I love to be part of shows and performing in front of people,” she said.

For others, like Gunner Mengarelli, cast as Chris in “Boxes,” said his favorite part is “being someone else” on stage.

The actors:
“Wishful Thinking”
Ben Shawn, Ella Rhuems, Justice Day, Alycia Cosens, Alyssa Cosens, Kenzi Hurlbert, Jaxx Erwin, Tara Kelsey, Jared Jones, Willie Jones, Akela Hawkins, Keller Erwin, Kiran Navaratnam, Chloe Sobba, Kassidy Leastman, Kendall Crager, Sunny Shank, Mia Conrad, Nityan Doodnauth, Hannah Brown, Trinity Sheward

Jack Stefanoni, Gunner Mengarelli, Lillie Chatman, Will Williams, Eve Bertoncino, Alexyia Lunday, Athennah Jones, Ashleigh Henderson, Maci Baker, Kayleigh Keller, Kiran Navaratnam

“Complaint Department and Lemonade”
John Lee, Chloe Costello, Ben Bolinger, Hannah Sandford, Jaz Rose, Katie Davis, Fisher Skakal, Ameris Kerr, Blake Poznich, Eve Moss, Olivia Tune, Sarah Winzer, Emily Broege, Keara Emery, AnaSofia Moss

— Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at spotter@morningsun.net or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP and Instagram @stephanie_morningsun.