PITTSBURG — On January 22, St. Mary’s Colgan played Frontenac and came out with a win for the varsity boys and girls.

The girls started the game scoring points back and forth but Colgan pulled ahead at the end of the first half with a score of 26 to 15. Both teams slowly scored points in the third quarter, but in the fourth quarter Frontenac began to catch up, but still fell short with the final score being 42 to 34.

“I feel like in the second half we played really well but in the first we could have done a little better defensively and and just could have moved the ball a little more,” said Frontenac’s Heather Arnett.

Colgan now has a record of 10-2.

I thought we played as a team,” St. Mary’s-Colgan girls forward Cathy Farmer said. “Everyone steps up on offense and it was hard to get the ball but Annie {Snow] hit a big shot and Kate [Radell] came in and she scored really well so that was good.

The varsity boys started the game close and ended the first quarter with a score of 17 to 15, Colgan ahead of Frontenac. In the third quarter Frontenac pulled ahead bringing the score to 23 to 27. In the last quarter Colgan caught back up and passed Frontenac, with the final score being 40 to 31.

“We just didn’t come out and play defensive and execute on offense. They ran us all around,” said Frontenac’s Cooper Cleland.

Colgan now has a record of 10-2 and Frontenac’s record is now 5-7.

“That was a lot of fun,” said St. Mary’s-Colgan boys’ forward Aaron Higginbotham. “The crowds are both loud so there’s always a ton of emotion; it was a really fun atmosphere.”