PITTSBURG — The Morning Sun is pleased to announce the addition of Jonathan Riley to the editorial staff.

Prior to his arrival in Pittsburg, Riley, originally of Oakland, California, held various positions in the news business. These have included working as a contributing writer to Massachusetts alternative newspaper DigBoston, a statehouse correspondent for two daily newspapers, also in Massachusetts, a general assignment reporter for a small town weekly paper in Southern California, and an intern with the investigative unit at CNN in Washington, DC.

Riley holds a master's degree in journalism, with a political reporting focus, from Boston University, and a bachelor's degree in psychology from California State University East Bay, with a minor in mass communication.

"I've worked a fairly wide variety of jobs in the journalism world and lived in different parts of the country," Riley said. "But I realize that compared to some of the coastal metropolises where I’ve lived, Pittsburg may be the biggest change."

He added, however, that he feels up to the challenge of adapting to life in Southeast Kansas. "I’ve been here just over a week at this point, but I think I can already see some of the reasons why people love living here," Riley said. "I hope I can contribute my part to what seems like a great community in my reporting for the Morning Sun."

Managing Editor Patrick Richardson said he was thrilled to have Riley on staff.

"I'm very pleased that Jonathan chose to join us here at the Sun," Richardson said. "He's a very talented young journalist and I'm looking forward to seeing the new perspective he can bring to our coverage."

Riley began work Monday morning.