PITTSBURG — When school resumes after spring break, parents dropping their kids off at Lakeside Elementary School may notice some changes in the neighborhood.

On Friday, March 8, the City of Pittsburg, in cooperation with Pittsburg Community Schools, installed new four-way stop signs at four intersections around the school.

The new stop signs are at the corners of Olive St. and Washington St., Olive St. and Adams St., College St. and Washington St., and College and Adams St. They were installed to improve traffic flow and student safety.

“Our patrol officers have been kind of monitoring the intersections to see how people are obeying the new stop signs,” said Sarah Runyon, public information manager for the City of Pittsburg.

Runyon added, however, that because of lower traffic flow in the area during spring break, officers will continue to monitor the intersections into next week.

Because people are used to driving through the area without having to obey the stop signs, it could take some time to get them to change their routines, Runyon added. She reminded motorists who regularly pass through the area to drive slowly, to keep an eye out for children and to be as careful as possible.