With showers forecast to continue through Wednesday, the National Weather Service has issued a warning of “limited flooding risk” for “extreme southeast Kansas” including Crawford County.

“We probably will have some low water crossings that will flood but those will go down pretty quick,” said Crawford County Emergency Manager Jason Vanbecelaere. “Turn around, don’t drown,” Vanbecelaere advised those with travel plans.

More severe weather is predicted for other parts of the state. Flood warnings have been issued in the Kansas City area, where the Missouri River is rising and moderate flooding is forecast.

Mike Albano, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield, Missouri said a total of about two inches of rain was expected between Tuesday and Wednesday in the Pittsburg area.

“Generally speaking, this time of year we are starting to be concerned about these kinds of flood risks,” Albano said, although nearby areas will likely be hit harder. “I’d say you guys are generally less prone to some of these higher rises.”

Albano added, however, that the NWS had some concerns about flooding along the Little Osage River in Bourbon County.

Further north in nearby states, flooding is also expected to be a bigger problem than in Crawford County or the Pittsburg area.

“Motorists should anticipate delays and blocked roads due to flooding in cities such as Minneapolis, Rochester and Duluth, Minnesota; Eau Claire, La Crosse and Wausau, Wisconsin; Ironwood and Marquette, Michigan; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Des Moines and Mason City, Iowa; and Omaha, Nebraska,” according to a Tuesday article by Alex Sosnowski, AccuWeather senior meteorologist.