1. County Counselor Jim Emerson and Commissioner Jeremy Johnson were not at the meeting because they were watching a webinar about Complete Count Committees for the 2020 Census.

2. County Zoning Administrator Troy Graham gave a presentation recommending approval of a short plat for an area east of Pittsburg and the commission approved a motion in favor of the recommendation.

3. Commissioner Tom Moody read a proclamation recognizing the Crawford County Emergency Medical Services Department for its work and the commission approved a motion in support of the proclamation, which included declaring the week of May 19 through May 25 as Emergency Services Week in Crawford County.

4. Crawford County Emergency Manager Jason Vanbecelaere addressed the commission to thank them for allowing him to make a trip to Washington, D.C., last week as part of a delegation from the Kansas Emergency Management Association to meet with congressional representatives regarding the Emergency Management Program Grant that funds his department.

5. County Clerk Don Pyle presented the May 2019 Clerk’s Report. The commission postponed approval of the report until County Counselor Emerson and Commissioner Johnson have a chance to review it.